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Residential Maid Services Dubai UAE

We clean houses.

1) We do deep cleaning. Deep cleaning explanation {Deep Cleaning of Living Room and Bedrooms includes floors, windows, furniture, appliances (externally) and sofa/carpet/curtains vacuuming}

2) We do soft cleaning. Soft cleaning explanation {soft cleaning is basically vacuuming and dusting the whole house because houses get dusty very fast in Dubai.
Soft cleaning of the living room and the bedrooms include vacuuming the floors, making the beds and dusting, sofas, dusting the area and moping it.
Soft cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms include cleaning the appliances externally dusting vacuuming and moping the floors. Bathrooms will be washed and moped with the sanitary liquids and chemicals. We can add needs to soft cleaning as well.

3) We iron clothes.

4) Move in/ move out cleaning in Dubai.

5) Cleaning services after the party/gatherings you hosted at your home.

6) We listen to the specific cleaning instruction and work on it.

We provide services in the following areas:

About Us

Care Takers Cleaning Company - is a group of well-seasoned maids that provides the best quality cleaning services. Caretakers are now swiftly growing. Over the years our cleaning services Dubai receives a positive feedback from the clients. Havingan adequate knowledge and experience in cleaning services we ensure that we will meet our client's expectation.

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